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Check to see if you are shown as a good tenant

Check your name

$25 inc. GST

RentCheck is a tenant report which landlords and property managers use to verify your identity, and view any reported breaches in your rental history. Ordering a RentCheck on yourself is an easy way to check your record before you apply for a rental property.

Know what's on your RentCheck

Agents & landlords use tenant checks to screen potential renters for ...

Tenancy database history

It's possible you may have problems on your national tenancy file. Check now so you can explain if there is an issue.

Identity verification

It's important that your identity can be verified or you may be rejected when you apply for a rental.

Court records

Have you ever been in court for any reason? Check now so you can explain if there is an issue.

Missed rent payments

Ever been late or have defaulted on a rental payment? Make sure your rental payment history is clean to show you can pay your rent reliably.


Filed for bankruptcy before? Check now so you can explain if there is an issue.

How do we find information about you?

Your RentCheck records are obtained by using your name and identification details on the National Tenancy Database (NTD), government records, court documents, ASIC, and other public databases.

Get your RentCheck with 3 simple steps

Step 1

Enter your basic details

Step 2

Order your RentCheck

Step 3

Receive your RentCheck
via email in minutes

Be prepared before you apply for a rental

Once you have your RentCheck you can read the results and determine what to do next ...

Icon xlg tick
  • Identity verified

  • No negative rental notes

Great! now you can apply for rentals with confidence.

Icon xlg tick
  • Identity verified but notes
    were found on your report

  • Identity verified but negative rental notes found.

Ok. You may have expected this, or it might be an unexpected surprise, but now you know exactly what's there & you have the opportunity to explain if need be.

Icon xlg cross
  • Your identity could
    not be verified

You may be rejected by agents & landlords.